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Do you want Ronaldo or Messi in your Ultimate Team? Or a million coins? Then this is your solution. Free FIFA Coins can add any player and amount of coins to your club.


What is "Free FIFA Coins"?

"Free FIFA Coins" is a company owned by me that I run on my spare time. A few years ago I found an exploit in the FUT Web App that made me able to add custom amounts of coins, FIFA Points and players into my club. It's been working on every Web App since then; FUT 12, 13, 14 and now 15. You might be wondering if this is somehow profitable for me and how. Yes, it is profitable. This website gets a lot of views every day since people who recieves their requested players, amount of coins or points often shares it with their friends and it goes on like that. Therefore it's very profitable for me to run advertisements on this website and that's how I make my money.

  • Is this going to get me banned?

    No, not necessarily. The only chance of you getting banned is if people gets suspicious which leads to you getting reported to EA. That's why we wont give you 200 million coins or a full Legends team including Péle. You are only allowed to request either 1 million coins, 20K FIFA Points or three different players of your choice. Our customer's safety is what we care most about and these limits are not because we're cheap or selfish, it's because of your safety of not getting banned.

  • What do you need from me?

    To be able to add FIFA Points, Coins or Players to a club we only need to know which account we should send the coins to. Therefore, we need your Origin ID (usually your PSN/XBL name) and your e-mail associated to your account. Yes, we do not need your password. It is not necessary for us since we give out the requested items by sending requests to the EA servers. We will not go into detail on how we do this, but this is ultimately how it works.

How does this work?

This covers all the steps of the service.

Make the decision

You enter a submission through the "Get Started" page. You might have to enter information that you normally wouldn't give out and that's why we've explained it in the "FAQ" page above.

We get to work

The submission gets sent to our panel and we get to work. It takes only a few minutes for me to complete a request but since I get hundreds of them every day it can take some time.

You recieve

We will try to complete your request within 48 hours but in bad cases it can take up to a week. The things you have requested will show up as a daily gift when you log into the Web App.


Different packages with different ban probabilities.

FIFA Points

Zero chance of ban
  • Premium Gold Packs
  • Amount of FIFA Points
  • No Ban Guarantee
Free of Charge

Players Pack

Very low chance of ban
  • Players of choice
  • Consumables
  • No chance of ban
Free of Charge

Treasure Box

Low chance of ban
  • Amount of Coins
  • Premium Gold Packs
  • No chance of ban
Free of Charge

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