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Here is a video made by one of our users, where he shows you all the steps to take from entering the site for the first time to getting your coins.


What makes our service so much better than other similar ones? We’ll show you right here.


You heard it right! This means that you there is no download required in order to use our service, and you can access it anywhere, of course as long as you have a browser. Pretty convenient, right?

No password

Unlike other services of our kind, we don’t need any sort of login credentials for your Origin account. All we need is your Origin login email and platform, that’s it, and this is due to our complex algoritm.


We have found a way to get into the EA servers and send different kinds of requests to the control panels. After months of tweaking, our complex logaritm lets us credit any FUT club with coins and points.

100% FREE

Oh, yes. It’s completely free! You won’t have to pay a single dime of your money to use our service, all we need is some of your time and you will get as much coins you could ever dream of in exchange.


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